USA // Visiting Arches National Park, Utah 


Arches National Park had been on our to-do list for a loooong time, and we finally got to visit this incredible place during a road trip around the USA. This National Park is unbelievably beautiful! Over 2,000 natural stone arches are scattered across this 73,234-acre sandstone wonderland, making it the highest density of natural arches in the whole world.

Although Arches National Park is most famous for its… you guessed it… arches :) you can also see balanced rocks, hoodoos, gargoyles, towers and other unique geological formations. The National Park is located in eastern Utah, just 4 miles (6 km) north of Moab, and next to the Colorado River. Moab is a laid-back desert town and the perfect place to stay overnight. Check out this place for a memorable breakfast before heading to the park!

USA Arches National Park Utah

Visiting the National Park

The entrance fee is about 25 dollars/vehicle and valid for seven days. The area is very accessible by car and on foot. There are various scenic driving routes that will take you right up to some of the park’s biggest arches, including the most famous one of them all: Delicate Arch!

USA Arches National Park Utah

But the best way to discover this amazing landscape is to strap on your boots and take a hike! There is a wide variety of trails running across the park, from 1 hour hikes to half-day hikes, from beginner to advanced: take your pick!

USA Arches National Park Utah

Hiking Arches National Park

1. Devil’s Garden Loop Trail

We especially enjoyed the 7.8 mile Devil’s Garden Loop Trail, where you’ll pass along the Landscape Arch (from this point on the hike gets very steep) and later on you’ll have amazing panoramic views over the red desert surrounding the National Park. The trail is only marked by small piles of rock, so keep an eye out for them so you don’t lose your track :) !

USA Arches National Park UtahUSA Arches National Park UtahUSA Arches National Park UtahUSA Arches National Park Utah

2. Delicate Arch trail

Another must when visiting the park is the Delicate Arch trail. This is a relatively short 3 mile hike, and best done about 1 hour before sunset. You don’t want to miss the “golden hour” as the sun sets and the red rock of Delicate Arch becomes deeply saturated. It’s out of this world!

USA Arches National Park UtahUSA Arches National Park Utah

3. Navajo Arch Spur Trail

Also try to hike the Navajo Arch Spur Trail (along the Devil’s Garden Loop Trail), as this will take you to a big arch surrounded by pine trees. This is an ideal place for a quick picnic in the shade! You’ll soon be accompanied by some hungry creatures ;)

USA Arches National Park UtahUSA Arches National Park Utah

4. Partition Arch Spur Trail

The Partition Arch Spur Trail is also very worthwhile, as it leads up to a big “window” arch with stunning views across the valley below.

USA Arches National Park Utah USA Arches National Park Utah USA Arches National Park Utah

Famous Arches

1. Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch is the most iconic arch of them all, it’s even pictured on the Utah licence plates! People come from all over the world to see this large free-standing arch as it’s one of the most famous geologic features in the world. The arch is 64 feet high and 45 feet wide, making it the biggest free-standing arch there is today!

USA Arches National Park Utah

2. Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch, measuring 306 fragile feet, is the longest span in the world and it’s a sight you have to see. It looks like this thin arch might collapse any moment, so now is the time to go and check it out :) !

USA Arches National Park Utah

So as you can see, Arches National Park is one of the top national parks in America. The park’s beauty is well-known all over the world, and well worth a visit! And while you’re in the area, there is plenty more to see, so definitely spend a few days here!

Other big highlights in Utah are Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park, check them out :) !