France // Sipping wine in Saint-Émilion

Located just 45 km east of Bordeaux, Saint-Émilion is definitely worth a stop! We visited this little town while we were cruising the western coastline of France. After a few hours on the road we were getting thirsty, hungry and tired of driving when the name Saint-Émilion popped up on our roadmap.

Known worldwide for its excellent wines it was the perfect place for a pause. The village is incredibly picturesque, located in a UNESCO World Heritage listed wine region. There are plenty of renowned chateaux along the way where you can discover the sommelier in you.

Saint-Émilion wineries // FranceSaint-Émilion // FranceSaint-Émilion // FranceSaint-Émilion lunch // FranceAfter feasting like kings (even now I still start drooling when I see the picture above) we started wandering about town. Saint-Émilion is rather small, with a population just over 2000, so you really can’t get lost. This is something I love about small villages, you can just go exploring without losing you way.

The city center is a maze of small streets curling up the hill, scattered with shops where you can load up on wine, delicacies and souvenirs. Feeling a bit weak in the knees from all this money spending? Excellent! Reason enough for some quick recovering on a shaded terrace with another glass of rosé!

Saint-Émilion // FranceSaint-Émilion // France

Here are a few highlights that you shouldn’t miss:

  • The panoramic view on Place du Clocher
  • The Monolithic Church, one of Europe’s largest underground churches
  • The Saint-Émilion Church Courtyard
  • The lively atmosphere on Place du Marché
  • The Cordeliers cloister

Saint-Émilion Church Courtyard // FranceThe Saint-Émilion Church CourtyardThe Cordeliers cloister Saint-Emilion // FranceThe Cordeliers cloisterThe Cordeliers cloister Saint-Emilion // FranceThe Cordeliers cloister