Australia // Sydney harbour promenade around Walsh Bay and Barangaroo Reserve

Okay, so we’ve strolled along the cobblestone streets of The Rocks, we’ve crossed the ginormous Sydney Harbour Bridge and we’ve gazed at the beauty of the famous Opera House. Hmmm where should we go next?

Dawes Point Park

Well, fortunately Sydney has A LOT more to offer than just the landmarks mentioned above. On one of our first days in the city we found ourselves zombieing (that 36-hour trip from Belgium to Australia might have had something to do with that particular state of mind) along Circular Quay towards Dawes Point Park. This scenic spot is located partially under Sydney’s largest coathanger, the world-famous Harbour Bridge. 

Dawes Point Park // Sydney // AustraliaDawes Point Park // Sydney // Australia

Walsh Bay

Once we’d walked underneath the impressive 52,800 tonnes of steel we stumbled onto the beautifully redeveloped suburb of Walsh Bay. This former sea port consists of a couple of piers rebuilt for residential, commercial and cultural purposes and is a great place to take a stroll on a sunny afternoon!

Walsh Bay // Sydney // AustraliaWalsh Bay // Sydney // AustraliaWalsh Bay // Sydney // Australia

Pier 4/5 is without a doubt the most cultural pier, home to several theatre and dance companies where performers are working on perfectioning their pirouettes and grand écarts for their next show at the Opera House.

Big earners (and big spenders) might find their next crib at Pier 6/7, which consists entirely of luxurious apartments and attaching boat docks. Not bad if you have a couple of millions to spare :)

Walsh Bay // Sydney // AustraliaWalsh Bay // Sydney // AustraliaWalsh Bay // Sydney // Australia

BarCycle Bar

With all those fancy schmancy cribs and boats around, we almost thought it impossible to find a reasonable place for lunch in the area. Little did we know! The lovely BarCycle bar provides delicious Italian dishes and excellent cappuccini at great prices, along with splendid views over Walsh Bay.

Bike lovers will most definitely appreciate the adjacent bike shop. The owner, Alberto (a former professional rider), will serve you in that joyfully outgoing manner that Italians are so well-known for. Grazie mille!

BarCycle Walsh Bay // Sydney // Australia BarCycle Walsh Bay // Sydney // Australia BarCycle Walsh Bay // Sydney // Australia

Another great lunch option is to settle yourself on the lovely terrace of the Simmer on the Bay Café located at Pier 2/3. The waterfront café is offering the same astonishing views as the BarCycle bar (although no yachts are docked here).

Barangaroo Reserve

Only a few steps towards the east from Walsh Bay we discovered Sydney’s newest waterfront park, the Barangaroo Reserve. This beautiful six-hectare park (formerly an abandoned container yard) was opened in September 2015 and appeared to be an instant hit. We became immediate fans as soon as we walked through the entrance gate!

Barangaroo Reserve // Sydney // Australia Barangaroo Reserve // Sydney // AustraliaBarangaroo Reserve // Sydney // AustraliaBarangaroo Reserve // Sydney // Australia

The plants and trees are still young, but surely they will soon be providing that refreshing shade, sought after by many sweaty Sydneysiders and visitors on those scorching summer days.

The Cutaway

Underneath the park, The Cutaway has been created as a giant cultural space that can hold up to 5,500 visitors at once. In fact it is one of the largest single internal spaces in Australia!

Barangaroo Reserve // Sydney // AustraliaBarangaroo Reserve // Sydney // Australia Barangaroo Reserve // Sydney // Australia Barangaroo Reserve // Sydney // Australia

At the time we were there, a very interesting exposition about the many generations of immigrants that came pursuing happiness down under was being held. Once again it dawned on us that Australia is a young nation with only a short but very intense history of colonization – at least compared to Europe, what we’re used to :)

We found the exposition at The Cutaway (and the alleviating cool shades) a great way to end our walking trip in this part of town. Time to discover the rest of this amazing city.

We’ll keep you posted mates!

Quick tips:

  • Free public toilets everywhere – woohoo!
  • Quench your thirst at one of the many water fountains around the park.
  • Need to cool down more? Get a few scoops of delicious gelato at one of the ice cream trucks located strategically around the park.
  • Feel like getting a shot of culture? Catch a spectacular show at the Sydney Theatre Company or Sydney Dance Company!
  • Wanna know more about the Barangaroo development project? Check the latest updates here!

Barangaroo Reserve // Sydney // Australia