Australia // 7 awesome stops along the Great Ocean Road

For many travellers, cruising along Victoria’s stunning Great Ocean Road is one of the major highlights in Australia. And rightly so, we might say! The road is about 243 km (150 miles) long and along the way there’s plenty to see.

Here’s an overview of our personal top seven awesome stops along the Great Ocean Road, from East to West!

Australia Great Ocean RoadAustralia Great Ocean Road

1. World class surfing at Bells Beach 

One of the most famous surf beaches in the world, Bells Beach (near Torquay) is where surf pros compete eachother during the Rip Curl Pro. This event is held every year around Easter. If you’re in the area this is where you need to be!

Australia Great Ocean RoadAustralia Great Ocean RoadAustralia Great Ocean Road Surfing Bells Beach

2. Teddy’s lookout in Lorne

Most people who spend time in Lorne never make it to this awesome lookout. A bit of a shame if you ask us because Teddy’s lookout is a great place to get a bird’s-eye view of the Great Ocean Road. Located at the end of George Street it requires a steep uphill drive (or walk if you’re up for it) but you’ll soon discover that it’s totally worth it!

Australia Great Ocean Road

3. Spot koalas and parakeets in Kennett River

Koala spotting has never been so easy! Just walk behind the holiday park and take a look up the Eucalypts on the side of the gravel road. You’re bound to spot a few of these furry cuties! In addition dozens of parakeets are flying around and willing to land on your head and shoulders in return for some bird feed! A great stop for animal lovers.

Australia Great Ocean RoadAustralia Great Ocean Road

4. Build the tallest stone tower at Carisbrook Creek

A bit further west from Kennett River you’ll stumble upon this small riverside beach where hundreds of stone towers have been built by tourists visiting this site before you. It’s impossible to miss! No one really knows when this tradition got started but people certainly seem to enjoy it. Park your wheels and build your very own stone tower!

Australia Great Ocean Road Australia Great Ocean Road

5. Count the Twelve Apostles

This has to be one of the most hyped tourist attractions in Australia. But don’t be distracted by the busloads of tourists visiting this site, you’ll still be blown away by these beautiful rock formations! True, you won’t be able to count twelve of them, but there’s more than enough for you to enjoy!

Australia Great Ocean Road  Australia Great Ocean RoadAustralia Great Ocean Road

Make sure you also take the steep Gibson Steps down to Gibson Beach to get a look from below. Visit before noon to get the best pictures, although sunsets are great too.

Australia Great Ocean Road Australia Great Ocean Road

6. Discover gorgeous Loch Ard Gorge’s history

Located a few kms further west from the Twelve Apostles, this site is known to be the place where two teenagers washed ashore after their ship Loch Ard ran aground nearby. They were the only survivors of the disaster. Take the stairs leading down into the gorge and walk on this beautiful beach.

Australia Great Ocean RoadAustralia Great Ocean Road

7. London Bridge & The Grotto

London Bridge is a beautiful rock formation that once used to be an actual double span bridge until it partly collapsed in 1990 (leaving 2 shaky tourists stranded on the newborn island). Since then this site is often renamed as London Arch. Nevertheless it remains an astonishing place to see the ocean waves smash in on the rugged coastline!

Australia Great Ocean Road

Nearby The Grotto is another great example of the natural arches that are being formed in this great limestone coast!
Australia Great Ocean Road

Bonus stop: Take in the views at Bay of Islands Coastal Park

This is the last major highlight before you reach Allansford, where the Great Ocean Road ends and a great place to get that awesome “Great Ocean Road”-feeling for the last time! This park is basically a 32km stretch of gorgeous coastline with plenty of vantage points to take great pictures.

Australia Great Ocean Road Australia Great Ocean Road Australia Great Ocean Road
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