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Hi there!

We are Tara and Vic, a couple from Belgium and proud owners of CAPE COCONUT.

Both of us share an enormous passion for travelling, and since we met in 2009 we’ve already covered 25 countries togetherFrance, Italy, Spain, Cuba, Belgium, Thailand, Czech Republic, Cambodia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, the USA, Luxembourg, San Marino, Switzerland, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Vatican City, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Belize and Australia – and hope to do many more of course :)

If you count all the countries we’ve both visited (together and seperate) this adds up to over 51 countries, so it’s safe to say we’re big travel addicts!

When abroad we always try to immerse ourselves in the local way of life rather than just going on a poolside holiday somewhere (although this can be very relaxing every now and then of course!). A couple of years ago we lived in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, which has a rich colonial culture. Last year we decided to go even further from home, and were very happy to call Australia our home sweet home!

Now we’re back in Belgium, and ready for new adventures across Europe :) !

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